Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seychelles Wishlist

1. Cream of the Crop ($90.00)

2. Caw ($80.00)

3. Purr ($95.00)

4. Sense of Humor ($100.00)

5. Pot of Gold ($90.00)

6. Mother of Pearl ($110.00)

U is for UV Guards

Sun protection is a must on your face and skin, but don't forget your hair especially if you color it or have blonde hair.

5. Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse SPF 15 ($42)
Clarins has been known for making great self tanners and this easy to blend mousse will help prevent streaks on your ankles and knees, plus it comes with built in sun protection.

Friday, April 29, 2011

T is for Tribal

1. Ruche Native Beauty Strapless Dress ($39.99)

2. Arden B Tribal Border Print Top ($44.00)

3. Arden B Belted Ikat Ruffle Romper ($59.00)
I have been thinking about getting a romper for some time now and this one is too adorable to pass up, I just may have to get it.

4. Forever 21 Beaded Leatherette Sandals ($15.80)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Bertrine Envelope French Vintage Tan Satchel

Peaches and Cream Floral Lace Strapless Dress

Parisian Polka Dot Skirt

This shop is maintained by a girl from Ireland currently living in France. She sells things she comes across on her travels. You can find her blog at

S is for Sheer

1. Calvin Klein Sheer Boyfriend Dress Shirt ($39.99)

2. Bebe Long Sleeve Bohemian Tunic ($79.00)

3. Need Supply Jerome Tank ($37.00)

4. Ruche Look at the Stars Lace Skirt ($42.99)
A sweet, girly skirt that will work for both work and a night out with the girls.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair Accessories

9. Grosgrain Headband w/ Ribbon from Forever 21 ($1.50)

1. Rhinestone Accented Flower Headwrap from Forever 21($3.80)

2. 2- Piece Gingham Bow Set from Forever 21 ($2.50)

3. L. Erickson USA Petite Bow from France Luxe ($34.00)

4 and 7. Satin Grosgrain Bow Pins from Forever 21 ($1.50)

5. Satin Bow Bobby Pins from Forever 21 ($1.50)

6. L. Erickson Juliet Comb from France Luxe ($32.00)

8. L. Erickson Double Loop Bow Headband  from France Luxe ($24.00)

R is for Rattan

True Rattan was hard to find, but these picks make use of that woven design
1. Forever 21 Basketweave Beach Bag ($7.80)

2. Forever 21 Wide Woven Belt ($3.50)

3. Madewell Park Bench Fedora ($58.00)

4. Forever 21 Stripped Rafia Belt ($11.80)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty Item I Swear By

Black Honey

This sheer, glossy lip color claims to be wearable on anyone. I was a skeptic, but now I am in love with the color. On a recent trip to Sephora, I tried this color on and I loved the shade it became. The texture of the gloss is also very smooth and creamy but not clumpy. My mom also tried it on, and it became a completely different color on her and looked just a great on her as it did on me. She also loved the color and texture. 

P is for Punk

1. Madewell Quilted Biker Jacket ($495.00)

2. Arden B Moto Asymmetrical Leatherette Jacket ($30.00)
The Madewell moto jacket above is a bit out of my price range, but this cropped number from Arden B fits in my budget and would toughen up any look I pulled together.

3. Need Supply Studded Clutch ($14.99)

4. Forever 21 Contrast Combat Boots ($35.80)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

N is for Neon

1. Express Chiffon Trim One-Shoulder Dress ($59.90)

2. Madewell Chambray Sunset Shirt ($68.00)

3. Calvin Klein Solid Mini Shorts ($39.99)
These shorts add a nice pop of color to a summer outfit and would most likely match my pedicure.

4. Express Studded Bikini (Top $27.92, Bottom $19.92)
Only for the confident, not for me.

5. DKNY Rogue Silicone Stainless Steel Chrono Watch ($155.00)

Friday, April 22, 2011

M is for Mask

1. myfaceworks Sheet Mask "the starter kit" ($45)
The sheet masks are a bit weird to me as they come in a one size fits all design, but the ingredients are great. My brother told me I looked like Jason with them on though!

2. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34)

3. Fresh Rose Face Mask ($55)

4. Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Mask ($40)

5. REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask ($55)

In Celebration of Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day today, head over to Matt and Nat and check out their special edition Ikat bags. With each purchase, $21 will be donated to Charity:Water which brings drinking water to people in developing nations.

Santogold ($195), Zocalo ($175) and  Hendrix ($195)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Charlie Cowl Next Dress ($90.00)

Alex Halter Dress ($135.00)

This shop is run by a woman from Kentucky who designs dresses with a vintage flair.

L is for Lace

1. Ruche Meeting Before Dusk Lace Dress ($37.99)

2. Need Supply Charles Skirt ($58.00)

3. Ruche Open to Hope Fitted Lace Dress ($38.99)

4. Bebe Grace Peep Toe Sandal ($129.00)
I came across these shoes while looking for products for this list and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. They are so different from normal heels, but still very sweet.

5. Arden B One Shoulder Lace Top ($49.00)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 Bob, 6 Ways

1. Sleek - Wear the bob with the ends flat ironed to gain more length and a sleek look.

2. Soft - Dry the hair with a round brush to turn the ends under.

3. Romantic Curls - Apply a curl enhancing lotion to wet hair and scrunch while drying. Finally,  use a curling iron to shape spirals.

4. Sexy Waves - Apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry sleek. Use a curling iron to shape curls and then finger brush them into waves.

5. Retro - After rough drying hair, set hair in pin curls and let cool.

6. Flipped Out - Using a round brush, flip ends of hair out. Hold with pomade or styling wax to create a 
separated look. 

K is for Khaki

Khaki is an easy, comfortable light material for summer.

1. Express Short Sleeve Military Dress ($69.90)
I love the tie belt but this might be a bit tight for me.

2. Old Navy Surplus Jacket ($34.50)

3. Madewell Seaside Sandal ($148.00)

4. Need Supply Meson Skirt ($62.00)

5. Charlotte Russe Pretty and Posh Bow-Belt Skirt ($26.50)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If money was no object...

I would by this Alexander McQueen Engineered 3D Koi Jacquard Knit Dress ($1495.00). The print is so unique and the shape of the dress is gorgeous. 

J is for Jelly

I had lots of difficulty finding examples of jelly accessories so if you find some good ones, I look forward to seeing them!

1. Rockstar Jelly Stone Sandal ($16.99)

2. Pollini Sandal ($110)

New Jelly Find!

3. Clear Resort Jelly Flat from Fred Flare

4. Sleeping Princess from Chinese Laundry 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Decoration

sells lots of items for decorating your house that you can't just find anywhere.

1 and 2. Pack Racks ($56.00) - A unique way to display your jewlery

3. Love Print ($30.00) - Would look great over the master bed.

4. Floral Heart Print ($13.00)

5. Recipe Card and Box (Box $135.00; Cards $14.00) - Loving this way of organizing recipes.

6. Bold Journal  (Originally $24.00; On sale $12.00)

7. Petit Point Rbbon Spools (Originally $8.00; On sale $6.00)

F is for Floral

1. Need Supply Laced Up Floral Dress ($54.00)

2. Lisa Curran Toulon Bikini from Piperlime ($88.00 for the top, $88.00 for the bottom)

3. DKNY Cuffed Floral Short ($145.00)

4. Seychelles Point of No Return ($110.00)
These shoes scream spring time for me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Green Stripe Audry Dress ($120.00)

Embroidered Black Linen Dress ($90.00)

This shop is run by a stay at home mother from South Carolina who makes both women's and children's clothing. I love the dresses she designs!

E is for Espadrilles

1. Topshop Wicker Snake Espadrille Wedges (£65)
Sexy snakeskin combined with espadrilles in one great shoe.

2. DKNY Sweet Espadrille Wedges ($98.00)

3. Topshop Winnie T-bar Espadrilles (£65)

4. Steve Madden Fantasik from Piperlime ($80.00)

5. Forever 21 Slingback Espadrille Wedges ($22.50)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Second Day Hair

Washing your hair every day is bad for the color and for the health of your hair. Learning how to extend a shampoo will not only save time but also save your hair and extend the life of your color. The trick is dry shampoo.

I used to be adament about washing my hair every day, but thanks to some experiments with dry shampoos, I can do 2-3 days between blow outs. Here are my suggestions.

Love It!

I use this on a regular basis on second day hair to make my hair less oily and to add volume.

I use this even on the day I was my hair for a boost of volume anytime my hair feels like it needs a boost!

I have used this in the past and I find it gives me similar results to the Pssst! product.

Love It Not!

The cheapest of the bunch, you get what you pay for. This product didn't do anything about the oiliness in my hair or to add volume.

There was nothing particularly wrong with this product, it just didn't blow me away as being anything special. And for that price, it better be special.

Luckily, I got this as part of a sale so I don't feel so hurt about spending the money. Again, there is nothing really wrong with it, I just wasn't blown away by it.