Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Review

This past week I rented two movies (this one and Cyrus - to see my review). I enjoy the guilty pleasure of a romantic comedy even if I know they aren't the most thought provoking. This movie follows two high school rivals that meet again when the popular one announces her engagement to the nerdy one's brother. To make matters worse, the popular girl's aunt and the nerdy girl's mom were rivals as well.

The movie overall held my attention through out. It followed the typical cliches that are found in romantic comedies, but I expect that out of a romantic comedy and want that when I pick that type of movie to watch. The only part that truly disappointed me was the ending.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

I did not like how suddenly the four girls became friends and how suddenly the brother forgave his fiancĂ©e. There was a lack of plot development between the big end fight and the making up. A several year rivalry is not going to just be OK because you catch the other girl eating cheese out of can.

Overall, I recommend this as a good romantic comedy, but do not have higher expectations than that.

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