Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fred Flare Wishlist

Upon first glance, this site looks like a place to go to find gag gifts, but they actually have quite a bit in cute clothes and jewelery. 

1. Plaid Natasha Trench (Originally $82; On Sale for $54.99) - I love the plaid pattern and the colors on this

2. Sheer Dottie Socks (Originally $12; On Sale for $5.99) - Would look cute peeking out of flats or sandals.

3. Rose Tapestry Dress ($68.00)

4. Gingham Peggy Dress ($64.00)

5. Pleated Wildflower Dress ($74.00)

6. Roommate Citation Notepad ($6.00) - I know that many of you do not have roommates anymore (except
                                                 for your husbands) but wouldn't this have been great to have?

7. Mini Robot Vacuum ($24.00) - What a fun way to clean up crumbs!

8. Singing Sparrow Necklace ($14.00)

9. Skinny Bow Belt ($14.00) - The bow adds a nice detail

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