Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Organize Your Office

Along with my new job came a new desire to organize. This site is a great place to go to get items that will make you smile when you go in to the office.

1. Mini Dog Stapler ($6.00) - I bought the white one, reminds me of my sweet dogs at home.

2. Jonathan Adler iPhone Case ($20.00)

3. Jonathan Alder Desk Dock Organizer ($22.00) - A cute way to organize all those charging cords.

4. Galison Weekly Organizer ($18.00)

5. Girl of All Work Page Flags ($4.95) - Better than the boring yellow ones.

6. See Jane Work Basic Subject Dividers ($6.00)

7. Jonathan Adler Magnetic Board ($18.00)

8. Working Girl's Survival Box ($38.00) - I made my own based on the items found in this. Never be stranded at work.

9. Pierre Belvedere Organizing Box ($42.00) - Expensive, but classy.

10. Thomas Paul Journal ($18.00)

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  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by TCB! I'm your newest follower! Great post. I think I went overboard with decorating my cubicle. Ribbons.