Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie Review

This movie is your typical end of the world as we know it thanks to some unknown extraterrestrial invader movie. It starts out introducing you to the Marines who you know will be the ones that will be in the group that the movie will follow. The Marines get called to battle after a series of "meteors" landing near many large cities in the world turn out to be something other than meteors.

A small sub-group is sent in to recover a unknown number of civilians at the police station in Los Angeles. They have 3 hours to recover and get out of the blast zone before the bombs are dropped to level the area and destroy the invaders.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

There are several times throughout the movie in which all hope is lost and it seems as though the aliens are going to win. In the end, in an Independence Day like turn, the command center is discovered and destroyed.

Overall, despite the predictable turn of events, the movie was very good and held my attention. There are some great fight scenes and the 2 hours goes by without a glance at the watch. I recommend seeing this in the theater for the great fight scenes.

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