Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Day at the Old Job

Yesterday was my last day at my job for the last 5 years. It was a bittersweet situation. As with most jobs, there are some aspects I will miss and some aspects I will not. The way that my day ended, I do not mind being gone. I was planning on taking some pictures to commemorate the day, but my office was rearranged before I had a chance to pack up my stuff and leave. It was a bit disheartening to be pushed out so forcefully.

With all that being said, leaving a job makes you look back at the people who have come through your life and think about those who have remained in your life and those who have gone fleeting past as your life stages change. What gives two people the ability to grow together and what prevents the ability for this to happen?

Just my thoughts for the day. I am looking forward to embarking on my new adventure (after taking two weeks off!).

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