Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bones Review 3/8/2011

Bones 6.15 The Killer in the Crosshairs

After a 3 week break (thanks to American Idol), Bones was back this Thursday. We continued the sniper arc and Booth's difficulty in dealing with it in this episode. The episode starts off with a cute moment between Booth and Bones jogging on their day off and making plans to see a lecture together. Even on their days off, they need to be together.

Alas, it does not happen as the sniper strikes again and Booth and Bones are called in. Throughout the solving of the case, Booth is constantly having to deal with his feelings about being a sniper as a good profession instead of a bad one. He wants to be seen as an honorable man, but he fears that others (specifically Bones) do not see him that way. 

As a fun side story, Angela's dad is back and this time he has a name for the baby...Stacato Mamba. Hodgins sticks his ground and refuses to give in to that name wanting either to name the baby after Brennan or Booth (how adorable). After a drunken night that ends in a matching father/daughter tattoo for Hodgins, Angela's dad agrees to let Hodgins name the baby whatever he decides.

After discovering that the sniper's next target is the women's bathroom in the courthouse, Booth sets up to snipe the sniper. Was there anyone else who thought Caroline was going to end up being the next victim? Booth has the wrong bathroom and by the time he is set up in the correct spot, it is too late to get Brodskey and he only succeeds in preventing the shot.

The episode ends with another great moment in which Bones tells Booth that he is good and that she will stand by him for always.

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