Friday, March 18, 2011

Bones Review 3/18/2011

Bones Review
6x16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Last night was the last episode of Bones for 3 weeks (again) but it was a good one. This week found everyone trapped in a blizzard in D.C. without power. Booth and Brennan were trapped in an elevator after trying to move a set of stadium seats from the trash to Booth's apartment with Sweet's help. Sweets was outside helping keep them warm and providing company. Cam, Hodgins, Wendell and Angela were trapped in the Jeffersonian without power. All of this while trying to solve a case involving a murder victim found in the snow.

Sweets attempts at making Booth and Brennan talk about their relationship. After Booth opening up about the reason for the desire for the chairs relating to a shared experience with his father, they begin to feel confident enough to talk. At first they admit to being interested in "making love" but not believing a relationship will work. Later, after getting out of the elevator they both write a date at which they would be ready to get together on a piece of paper and burn it, releasing it into the universe. Now all shippers just have to wait patiently.

Hodgins and Angela are dealing with the potential of a genetic disease in their baby. They wait for test results all day to find out that they are both carriers for a recessive genetic disorder that causes blindness. After a moment of sadness surrounding the news, they both discuss the ability to get through anything together. I love seeing Hodgins and Angela together growing stronger as a couple.

The case needed to be solved quickly due to the potential for the spread of a deadly virus. This was made more difficult by the lack of power and the separation of Booth and Brennan from the rest of the team. After inventive ways of testing theories (cellophane tape to produce X-rays, potatoes to power a cell phone), they are able to identify the victim as a women's sex trafficking advocate and the likely location of the murderer. Booth and Brennan are freed from the elevator in time to catch him.

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