Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogging Re-purposed

You may notice a change in my blog and the post styles on it in the coming weeks. I have decided that it is more important to focus on one track in my blog, the one I am most excited about. I have enjoyed the fashion and beauty blogging while the recipes and science do not fit as easily into my main theme. Those posts will be going by the wayside to make room for more advanced posts on the topics I (and hopefully, you, the readers) feel insipired about. It took me a few months to feel out my inspiration and I am confident in my choices.

It is tough to let the others go by the side, but I know it is the right thing to do in order to refine my blog. My original mission covered "Great clothes, good science, and yummy food."

My new mission is "To inspire other fabulous women that, no matter their job or status in life, they can be fashionable on a reasonable budget." I may be a serious scientist, but blogging about fashion and beauty gives me a chance to let my less serious side show. 

Let me know your thoughts on this, I hope to keep improving my blog for years to come.

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