Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bones Review 2/17/2011

Bones is my favorite TV show currently on. I started watching back episodes last year and fell in love with not only the forensic aspects of it but the character relations. As a scientist, watching the "squints" at the Jeffersonian solving murders using some of the latest technology is really exciting. I wish I was able to have access to all that great equipment. I am also rooting for Booth and Brennan to get together! Each week, I will give my comments on the episode.

Spoiler Alert!

The Bikini in the Soup - This episode was the Valentine's Day episode and comes right after Booth and Hannah's break up (Yay!). The victim was a wedding planner who was found in a tanning bed completely decomposed. The squints race against the clock to solve the murder so that everyone can make it to their Valentine's Day plans on time.

Cameron has a date with her boyfriend. The boyfriend has been largely absent from this season, but I am glad to see Cameron happy with someone.

Hodgins is struggling to come up with a gift to give to Angela and seeks advice from everyone. He finally does a very nerdy romantic thing and splices rose DNA into a slime mold to make a sweet smelling mold which he names after Angela. She loves it, though I am not sure how I feel about a mold.

The intern this week is Clark and he is worried about the gift his girlfriend wants him to give her, but Angela advises him to just go for it. I am enjoying the new Clark this season, his comments are always enjoyable!

Booth is anti Valentine's Day this year due to his recent break up with Hannah and Brennan keeps turning down various dates with other men throughout the episode in hopes that she can spend the evening boycotting Valentine's Day with Booth. She brings him guns from the Roaring 20's exhibit into the shooting range for them both to shoot. I am so glad to see them having a good time together again. Now only if they would get together....

The murder was solved in time for everyone to get to their Valentine's Day plans after Brennan tricked the wedding planner's estranged husband into confessing.

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